Five things: clogs

March 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

Ladies, I like to clomp. I will have none of your dainty shoes with their delicate heels that sink between paving slabs and fragile straps that slice into my tender feet. And that is why the fashion mags’ promise that this is the Summer Of The Clog is such sweet music to me – music with a spine-rattling drumbeat of wood on concrete, obviously, but definitely music.

The shoe above is my bet for wooden-soled happiness: they’re from Danish brand Sanita, and they tick all my clog boxes. Neutral colour, flatteringly slanted ankle strap, and a shapely heel – that’s everything I need to make these my regular not-Converse casual shoe (see them here as part of an outfit). After the jump, four more fine examples of carpentry for feet:

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