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Clockwise from left: Topshop Skin Tint in Fair, Chanel Bronze Universel, Benefit Bad Gal eyeliner, Benefit Bad Gal mascara, Mac lip pencil in Subculture, Mac lipstick in Honey Love, Stila Smudge Pot in Kitten, Stila Convertible in Gerbera.

This is my daily face. It’s also, with a bit of extra Bad Gal smudged about, my evening face. Simple, subtle and hard to mess up. The gold star products are the Skin Tint (light to wear and natural-looking) and, especially, the Bronze Universel – this pot’s been going for about five years and it’s the best bronzer I’ve ever touched. (I acquired it from a friend who’d received it with some beauty samples but couldn’t wear it because she was a vegan and the bronzer isn’t.) The mascara is a bit too prone to run considering how much it cost, and the Smudge Pot eyeshadow is long-lasting and a beautiful colour but flakes if I’m not super careful. I blink, and tiny irridescent fish scales fall onto my desk.


Wicked prettiness

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Who wants to be a Disney princess? Nobody sane, that’s who. Take their advice, and you’ll end up talking to the furniture, swapping your legs for a date and letting vermin share your bedroom. Dreadful. The baddies are where it’s at, which is why MAC’s new, Disney antagonist-inspired ‘Venemous Villains’ collections are such a good idea.

After my first peek, I’m suitably bewitched: the dramatic looks make a pleasing change from subtle, nude-toned faces without looking full on witchy. And the packaging looks great, glossy black MAC containers with the cartoon inspirations’ faces printed sharply on top (click on the photo above for a closer look).

My only real disappointments are that Cruella doesn’t include a bright emerald eyeshadow (although the Sweet Joy shade is wearably greenish) and that there’s no place for Ursula the sea witch from The Little Mermaid. Now, there is a monstrous she-beast who knows how to do sexy lipstick. And purple foundation.

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