…In which Badger Madge breaks a rule

February 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

Sorry there hasn’t been much Badger action for a while. I had been challenged to not buy anything during the month of January, and had to avoid shops and online so as to not be tempted. I survived, thankfully, and am rather proud of myself.

Dusty quite rightly supports thrifty shopping and generally getting the most out of your current wardrobe pallet. I, however, am a bit of a magpie and can’t resist a the new and the sparkly (unless the sparkly ends up making you look a bit like a big fat opera singer, of course). So I’m blaming the fact that I broke one of my style rules (“Never buy anything that has been in a shop window, or at the immediate front of a shop floor.”) on the enforced no-buying challenge of January and these magpie tendencies: cage a magpie and sooner or later she’ll go wild with diamonds. Or something.

Anyway, I’ve walked past this cute fit and flare tea dress every day on my way to work, and I knew I had to have it. I lasted a week. I love the fit and flare cut – incredibly flattering for us curvy ladies as it accentuates our tiny waists and skims hips/bums and tums. Basically, they hug in all the right places and are set to be huge this summer. They’re already fighting the body con for shop floor space (and winning) in the high street right now.

I’m not usually one for red, but couldn’t resist the art deco-esque print. I’d dress it up with pearls, a jacket and heels (whatever my other half thinks, I reckon it would be fine – avec fascinator – for a wedding) or dressed down with a cosy cardie and brogues or boots. It would even go quirky on its own with a bowler hat and heel brogues. 3 for 1 – surely that’s worth being a rule-breaker for?


Five things: Zooey’s Xmas list

November 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

I know what you’re wondering. No, not how many times you’d have to punch Rufus Hound to wipe that god-awful perma-smug on his horrid face, but what you’d get uber-kook and Madge’s current lesbo-crush, Zooey Deschanel for Hannukah, amiright? Don’t fret, Mannequin World has five treats that are sure to fill her stocking with Christmas cheer.

The perfect blouse for the queen of the preppy lady-like look.

Because Zooey is a total sex pot, and every girl wants a set of posh lingerie. Incidentally, guys, if you need help buying posh lingerie for the lady/ies on your life, Rigby &Peller do some great advice.

Something for Zooey to lounge on while reading poetry.

A new Uke for some new She & Him songs.

Bows. Sexy bows. Zooey and sexy bows.

With thanks to this Zooey site for their awesome photos

Lady grey

October 26, 2010 § 2 Comments

About a year ago, grey marl was a Thing. Jess Cartner-Morley wrote a column about the return of the tracksuit bottom (prior to November 2009, you would obviously have worn a tracksuit top and gone bare from the waist down), you started to be able to buy tailored jackets in sweatshirt material, and dressing down turned into a pleasantly subversive way of showing off your fashion chops. Although that didn’t actually make it okay to wear joggers to work, as I discovered the shameful way.

Now grey marl is more just a thing. The wardrobe of the world has expanded to accommodate it and you can wear it in public without anyone assuming that you’ve sleepwalked out the house. This Petit Bateau dress, with a bit of unfussily stylish detail at the shoulders, would be perfect for slouching about chicly. Although I’d probably add black tights, black high-heeled ankle boots and a fancy bib necklace like the one below from Collard Manson in Sheffield, just to make it very clear that I hadn’t, in fact, gone out in my nightie.

(You can buy the dress from ASOS or Urban Outfitters in the UK, but the first store styled it like the model has a hangover and the second one used a freakishly photoshopped picture, so I preferred to link to the French store. Even though the sizes make no sense. Sort it out, little boat people.)

In the kitty club

October 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

There’s probably quite a good post to be written about the exact age at which liking Hello Kitty goes from being a cute affectation to the mark of a lisping, oversized woman-child desperately trying to pass herself off as part of Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku posse. But I’m not going to write that post, because any reasonable estimate would put the Kitty rubicon at about 15 years younger than I am now. And I still like Hello Kitty, so in the absence of self-reflection the wall of Kitty in Claire’s Accessories makes me feel pretty happy.

For the postpubescent Kitty fan, I like Tarina Tarantino’s Pink Head range – Hello Kitty jewellery designed (and priced) for grown-ups who want that Tokyo schoolgirl look. (The Gothic Lolita bracelet above is a tidy $180.) But even I think that the Hello Kitty bridal accessories might be overdoing the infantilism thing. And anyway, the appeal of Kitty is that she is a bit cheap and ubiquitous. Well, that and that she has no mouth.

Which is why my favourite thing in Claire’s isn’t the silhouette drop earrings or the chunky crystal brooch. It’s a tube of lipbalm styled up with a gothic typeface and shield device that cribbed from Juicy Couture branding. Sanrio makes millions from the Kitty trademark, so you’ve got to sort of respect the company’s nerve for putting its paws all over someone else’s logo to create another phase in the endless advance of the Kitty empire. Miaow!

Wax it up

October 20, 2010 § Leave a comment

Movember is coming up. What’s Movember? It’s the month between October and December, when chaps are invited to grow a ‘tache and “raise awareness” of prostate cancer. Or better still, get your follicles sponsored and raise some funds too. (Feeling in a giving mood? Check out Project Egghead, my fellow mannequin’s drive for pancreatic cancer research.)

Obviously, I am out of the furry lipped hi-jinks (and even if I could join in, it’d be more than my feminine self image is worth). So how to keep in step with my boy colleagues while they’re getting hairy? Easy, thanks to Tatty Devine and its mustache-shaped collaboration with Penhaligon’s. Brooch, cufflinks, necklace and tie-pin, all in the shape of a Kim Newman-fabulous mouth coiffure. Torch the Bics: fuzzy is the new gorgeous.

Leather and leopard

October 15, 2010 § 1 Comment

That classy impulse I started the week with? Gone. Just gone. So I really like leopard print, and I really like leather, and I’m quite keen on zips. And this skirt (Just Female from Asos, reduced to £50 from £150) is packing all three. In abstract fashion accounting, the more trends you can tick off per garment, surely the better the value of the garment. In practice, that is definitely not true: by being four-ways sexy (because – phew! – it’s a mini as well) this skirt precludes all those intriguing contrasts of fabric and shape that I was admiring in the leather dresses last week. Even worn with thick brown tights and a soft, boxy jumper, this skirt would be whispering flirtaciously at bystanders out the side of its mouth. (Which I guess would be the zip. The anthropomorphic physiology of garments is hard.) Still, my harlot heart is quite taken.

Cape japes

October 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

Who knew Little Red Riding Hood was so fashion forward? There she went, skipping along in her quirky winter cape on her way to grandma’s house, totally naive to the bigbad wolf lying in wait. Damn her and her style know-how.

Thinly veiled puberty stories aside, the high street is all over Little Red this winter, with most stores hawking a version of a snuggly winter cape. I’ve had my eye on one for a while now (ever since my beloved poncho went the way of the chav) – and regret recently passing up the opportunity to inherit my grandma’s cropped fur cape (damn those morals!). I’m of the persuasion that once a garment becomes so trendy that everyone from chavs to your mum are wearing it, it’s time to stop lusting at least for a year or two – although I’m not sure I’ll ever be comfy wearing a poncho again, they were so ubiquitous. So it looks like I may have missed my boat on the cape front.

But I’m a sucker for marketing (give me a retro chocolate bar, or some new packaging and I’m sold), so of course I’m still tempted. Especially what I saw this lovely Miss Selfridge version. Little Red would be proud, don’t you think? “Oh Madge, what big style you have.”

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