Five things: clogs

March 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

Ladies, I like to clomp. I will have none of your dainty shoes with their delicate heels that sink between paving slabs and fragile straps that slice into my tender feet. And that is why the fashion mags’ promise that this is the Summer Of The Clog is such sweet music to me – music with a spine-rattling drumbeat of wood on concrete, obviously, but definitely music.

The shoe above is my bet for wooden-soled happiness: they’re from Danish brand Sanita, and they tick all my clog boxes. Neutral colour, flatteringly slanted ankle strap, and a shapely heel – that’s everything I need to make these my regular not-Converse casual shoe (see them here as part of an outfit). After the jump, four more fine examples of carpentry for feet:

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Five things: a Dusty party look

November 29, 2010 § 1 Comment

What, Christmas? And Christmas parties? This is hard. The Dusty wardrobe has a massive overstock problem, but it’s all tees, knits and day dresses. When I go out, it’s pub or kino – somewhere dark, in other words, where feeling comfy sitting down beats looking good standing up.

A Christmas party is an extraordinary occasion, and that demands extraordinary measures. Or shopping, anyway. Here are the five things I’d buy to make sure I rocked the office do:

Pegasus earrings by Tatty Devine

Because every outfit needs a hero accessory, and these would look excellent with my new cropped hair.

Frill neck dress by Silence + Noise at Urban Outfitters

Simple, sweet and easy to wear.

Faux leopard jacket by Oasis

Winter is cold, alright? Only a mug fails to plan for their arms.

Viviana boots by Dr Martens

And for that matter, winter is slippy too. These clompy, dressy DMs will keep me grounded and bring out the rawk in the leopard (rather than the sozzled divorcee).

Minnie bag by Marc B

Finally, something cute to tuck my lipstick into. Brilliantly, this bag comes with detachable chain and optional wrist strap, making it a perfect dancefloor companion.

What do you think is working or woeful about this party look? Let me know in the comments.

Five things: Misfits (Simon)

November 12, 2010 § 2 Comments

Yes, yes, I know Misfits started last night. I bet you thought we’d forgotten Simon in our round-up of Misfitted Fashion, hmmm? Well. Er… Ahem. Poor invisible Simon. No one ever notices him the little emo freak. But the most moral-minded of the group can stand out proud with these ace bits n bobs.

This mix of military, leather and sporty isn’t one everyone, and you’d need a certain level of either confidence or madness to go for it. I’m sure you know which one Simon falls into. And hey, if no one liked it, he could always go invisible.

You can tell this is the kind of shirt Simon would wear – the model looks almost as awkward as the freaky fella. And, bless, it’s even called Creep…

Have you gathered by now that Simon’s a bit different? Why wear jeans like everyone else, when you can go for these gray skinny chinos?

Have boots will miserable emo goth. OK?

Lastly, this satchel is roomy enough to keep all of Simon’s poems, drawings of girls he’s deeply in love with and lists of people who are going ‘get it’.

Misfits: Kelly

Misfits: Curtis

Misfits: Alisha

Misfits: Nathan

Five things: Misfits (Kelly)

November 11, 2010 § 1 Comment

Chav-tastic Kelly has been the most difficult Misfit to shop for on this lame excuse for a TV/fashion marriage. She tends to go for jeggings, t-shirts and other casuals, with her grease-loaded hair scraped back, a load of black eyeliner slicked around her lids and more gold than Elizabeth Duke can shake a stick at (a gilded 9 caret stick at that). She might be a chav with god-awful taste, but she has an awesome attitude and is a big softy deep (deep) down – she’d be the first of the team I’d go to for help (unless it’s sexy help, in which case I think we all know who I’d turn to). Anyway if you really dig her style (or are going to a fancy dress party), here are five things that are so Kelly.

A fitted 2 in 1 plaid shirt ]for Kelly. This is her other uniform – after the orange jumpsuit of course.

A pair of indigo-washed jeggings. Sorry Mannequin World strives to be positive about fashion, but I just did a bit of sick in the back of my throat.

Some Nike Airs for this Asbo beauty!

A pair of Elizabeth Duke’s finest.

The best liquid eye-liner I’ve found.

Misfits: Curtis

Misfits: Alisha

Misfits: Nathan

Five things: Misfits (Curtis)

November 11, 2010 § Leave a comment

Sporty Curtis might seem like the angel of the bunch, being on community service because he’s carrying the can for his ex, but don’t forget he was caught spanking the monkey in the sports cupboard with Alisha. Naughty Curtis. He’s incredibly easily lead, and Alisha has even started toying with his style – adding splashes of highstreet mainstream to his regulation vest, jeans and trainers combo. With that in mind, here are five things Leesh is sure to want him to wear.

A twist on his usual sporty zip-up tops, we reckon Curtis should try this varsity-style sweat top – cetainly less chavvy than his usual kappa garb…

I don’t think anyone could ever get Curtis to stop wearing those vests… not that we’d want to, mind!

Curtis is a fan of the baggies (and no, that’s not a euphamism). We’ve yet to see his boxers poking over the top, and as soon as we do, it’s straight-cut for him!

Curtis used to wear pumps, but in the recent promo shots for the new series, we’ve seen he’s bee introduced to a more chunky shoe – who knows, maybe he’ll even go high-top before the finale? But for now, these awesome DCs will more than do.

Of course, time-traveling Curtis needs a watch, and this ace bright yellow modern style is right up his street.

Misfits: Alisha

Misfits: Nathan

Five things: Misfits (Nathan)

November 10, 2010 § 7 Comments

The second in our ‘Misfits is back let’s shop!’ celebration, is immortal, buried-alive Nathan. Cheeky Nathan might err on the side of so-annoying-you-want-to-claw-your-ears-off-and-throw-them-at-him, but just look at his pretty eyes. See? Mmmmm, Nathan… Hmm? What? Sorry, got distracted. Ahem. Right, so yes. He’s annoying. A bit. But he’s also very funny at times, and let’s face it, apart from Nathan and Kelly, the others are a tad vanilla (and let’s not even talk about Antonia Thomas’ acting, shall we?) Anyway, back to lovely lovely Nathan. Say something about Nath’s style so you don’t just come over as a dirty old woman. Ummm… He does casual very well, mixing plaid shirts, printed tees and hoodies. Where Curtis is sporty-casual, Simon is gothic-smart, Nathan falls somewhere in the middle – laid-back cool. Here are five things we reckon he’d like in his wardrobe.

Lush plaid shirt worn open…

…with this rather hil-a-rious t-shirt underneath. Very droll, Nate, very droll!

Skinny Nate can pull off these grey slim-fit jeans.

Nathan is a dedicated Cons man, so here’s a nice pair of cherry reds. We’d prefer them on the bettered side, but with his adventures, they should be messed up in no time.

When I had short hair, I found this clay to be the best for towselling. My other half has yet to find anything better for his mop too.

And here’s another pic of Robert Sheehan just because.

Misfits: Alisha

Five things: Misfits (Alisha)

November 9, 2010 § 2 Comments

Misfits is back on your televisual box sets on Thursday, so to get in the mood, we go shopping for sex-pot Alisha. She loves showing off a bit of flesh – the more the better – and loves dirty girl style and clashing colours. What I love about Alisha’s fashion is that, overall, she sort of looks OK… and then ruins it with one or two misfitted (see what I did there?) accessories. So with that in mind, here are five things for some Alisha attitude.

A brash and busy, figure-hugging white denim jacket.

Alisha was rocking playsuits before Topshop had even thought of them. OK, so it was regulation bright orange, but still…

Nothing but the brightest, blingest, highest shoe for Leesh!

More sparkles for the tinkly tease…

Alisha loves her gold chains, so this so-tacky-it’s-amazing bag should do the trick for a night on the tiles.

And just to even the balance a bit…

Misfits: Nathan

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