Badger Madge and Dusty Mink write words and wear clothes in Bath.

Badger Madge

Earliest fashion memory My mum had promised I could wear this stunning white dress with red ribbons for my 5th birthday. The wait to The Big Day felt like ages, although it was most probably only a few weeks. I remember her getting it out of the drawer and us cooing over it. Cue my 5th birthday, and there’s a photo of me proudly wearing the dress… smothered in chocolate cake. Turns out the dress was my mum’s when she was little. Awwww.

Current style Dress up/eclectic. It has been said that I accessorise well, and am good with patterns and colour. I wish I had Shingai Shoniwa’s style sense.

Favourite brands H&M, Primark, Urban Outfitters, Marks & Spencer, Topshop.

Priciest buy Two pairs of Kurt Geiger heels. In one go. *gulp*

Worst fashion moment Far too many to choose just one – I was a goth when I was 17, after all. Wearing a white lacey dress on a first date, oh, and let’s forget the grunge years, shall we?

Dusty Mink

Earliest fashion memory I used to try to copy looks from the Observer Magazine’s fashion pages. One weekend I read that clashing neons were the thing, so on the next trip to the shopping centre I pulled together my own version of the look: hot pink Woolworth’s leggings and a baggy turquoise T-shirt. My Mum looked like she was going to be sick, I think.

Current style I lust after the sharp-edged glamour of PJ Harvey or David Bowie, but mostly fall somewhere between tomboy casual and girly vintage.

Favourite brands For tomboy stuff: American Apparel. For girly vintage things: Topshop. For daydreaming: Celine, Stella McCartney and Vivienne Westwood. And I think Falke tights are the finest hosiery in the world.

Priciest buy My wedding dress – an Anna Sui cocktail dress, white cotton embroidered with red cherries, with a black netting overlay. I’ve never felt prettier in anything. I bought it thinking that it would be something more than a one-off wear, but to be honest nothing’s come up since that’s made me think, “I know what would be appropriate for this event! My wedding dress!”

Worst fashion moment Definitely something from the 16-18 going out era, but it’s hard to say what. The lilac crushed velvet halterneck playsuit that was an ongoing wardrobe malfunction? The PVC mini that was completely unsuitable for an inferno-hot cellar club? All the shoes that didn’t quite fit and tore my feet open between the dancing and the walk home? Yeah, I’m calling ’97-’99 as a Bad Moment.

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