January 13, 2011 § 1 Comment

January is a month to purge. Not your own body, in a tedious, dysfunctional bout of penitent self-denial, but definitely your wardrobe. Christmas outfits, Christmas presents and sales bargains meant that some of my drawers were getting damnably difficult to close. Some stuff had to go. A whole bootful of it had to go, in fact. (Not all clothes.) The things that didn’t quite fit – either on me or with my other clothes – got black sacked and hauled to the charity shops.

I’m not the only person thinking this way, which means that now is a good time to nosey around your local thrift outlet and see what you can find. I returned with a small bag of new-old goodies to replace the things I’d ditched, and even came alarmingly close to re-purchasing one of my ex-possessions. (I nearly slipped up  on the brown patterned knee-length corduroy skirt in the rack above – still nice, but too much a part of my postgraduate student life to every be zipped around my waist again. Just touching it made me come out in a rash of Victorian poetry and close-reading criticisms.) What will you be getting rid of this year? And what bargains have you picked up?


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