#19 Dusty Mink

October 29, 2010 § 4 Comments

See that tired face? That is the face of too much Angry Birds. Also I need a haircut. Disheveledness aside, this is one of my favourite outfits. The dress (you can’t see much of it) is my plaid egg dress: a voluminous, multi-check smock. I tried it on in June, lingered over the purchase through summer, thought it lost and then scooped up in the August sale for a measly £15. It was blissful to wear in warm weather, and is grand for autumn too with a slip underneath.

The Juicy Couture mac is another prized possession. I suspect that, if I was in the income bracket to buy designer, I wouldn’t want Juicy. It’s a label of popstars and arrivistes – this isn’t a particularly flashy coat, but the metal trimmings are all blazoned with the word JUICY. In caps, naturally. (More thoughts on the politics of mac wearing here.) Still, I was after a good-quality mac, and because Juicy isn’t known as an outerwear label, I was able to pick this up for a brilliant price on eBay. And it’s lovely: weighty, nicely detailed (I adore its curved lapels and flat enamel buttons), durable. Maybe I’m more arriviste than old gentility anyway.

What I’m wearing

Coat, Juicy Couture via eBay

Dress, Topshop

Cardigan, American Apparel

Leggings, Topshop

Shoes, Lotus via TK Maxx

Bag, Ollie & Nic via TK Maxx


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